Saltwater Fishing Hooks

Saltwater Fishing Hooks

Sea fishing hooks are of crucial importance as they are the only item of tackle which is in direct contact with the fish anglers are aiming to catch. While there is a seemingly bewildering range of hooks on the market modern manufacturing processes which are used today, such as chemical sharpening, mean that even moderately priced sea fishing hooks are very good quality. Despite the vast array of fishing hooks which are on offer anglers only need a relatively small selection of hooks to cover all angling situations they will come across when targeting species around the British Isles.

What did score big for the Abel SD was craftsmanship and durability. This puppy is built well and built to last! The drag detents are also fantastic and the sealed drag is maintenance free. This is a true quick-change reel, which is a major upgrade from the Super 4N style of spool removal. We also like how the arbor is ported, which will allow your backing to dry faster.

Treble fishing hooks have a single eye merged with three shanks and three evenly spaced points. They’re formed by adding a single, eyeless hook to a double hook and brazing all three shanks together. Treble hooks are used on all sorts of artificial lures and for a variety of bait applications.

The choice of hook depends on several issues. Obviously, the smaller the fish, the smaller the hook required. You also have to take into consideration that line size, fish species, type of bait, and fishing structure play a major role in hook selection. Quit panicking! We’ll break it fishing store down nice and easy. It all depends on the type of fish and the tackle you plan to use. Light tackle demands thinner hooks. Heavy tackle demands thicker hooks. And the size and species of fish determine the size of hook.

Several years later I was saltwater fishing on the coast where circle hooks were the hook of choice among local anglers. I had a chance to use them in a saltwater environment which gave me an opportunity to use them and learn while they were in use and really understand what makes them work and more importantly what doesn’t.

In general, we like the Ultralite 4000 CA DD more since its larger arbor will help you to retrieve line faster. The 4000 also weighs8 ounces less than the 5000 when fully loaded. There are anglers, however, who don’t like the modern taller” reel look, and for them the 5000 MA is another solid, more traditional looking option.


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