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The cold, clear water of Vermont’s lakes and streams provide excellent fishing opportunities throughout the state in a magnificent natural setting. You may receive a call from someone claiming to be a credit union employee, and they may ask for your account information (such as your credit card number, account number, etc.). In some cases, the caller has already obtained one identifying piece of information (such as your Social Security Number) and will use this to persuade you that the call is legitimate and that you need to provide additional account information.

It’s easy, versatile and useful for tying tippets to leaders, tying tags on tippets and tying flies on your line, which is what you will be doing a far majority of the time you tie knots while you’re fishing… unless your fishing is very exotic and different, in which case you hopefully already know your Blood knots, Albrights, Bimini Twists or how to attach titanium wire traces and whatnot.

Most of us are familiar with the standard Phishing e-mails: you receive an e-mail that your account has been compromised, that your account needs to be updated or it will be closed or an item has been purchased under your account, and you are urged to click the link and enter the requested information (account numbers, social security number, PIN, credit card numbers, etc.).information management tips and tricks

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Yes, it appears as if Paulus was tying the FG knot the more difficult way which takes longer and is prone to leaving separated loops (or perhaps a completely different knot… the reference to burning the leader to form a ball is not something I’ve ever hear of for the FG and is not needed because those braid coils will not slip once they grasp the leader).cruise information and tips


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